Whether visiting Taloola Cafe to commune or indulge in solitude, we strive to satisfy both your hunger and your heart.

We serve organic coffees an teas, along with a menu full of wholesome ingredients. Our grocery list takes on a visit to numerous selected grocers and suppliers to meet the standards of our enticing menu.

We offer comfort, community, inspiration and delicious preparations. It’s our mission to make you feel good inside. Sometimes you just don’t want to leave.

Creative food and creative space fill your senses… lending a warm feeling to your day. We endeavour to make all Taloola Cafe accents equally important: warm lighting, ambient sound, along with a helpful and friendly staff to meet your needs.

We are constantly researching innovative preparations to serve you flavourful sandwiches, tasty bowls, of soups (always vegan friendly), greens mixed with excitement for salads, and rich hearty stews. Our broad range of desserts are all made in-house… tasting is knowing the difference!

All our ambition is to fill your need for comfort and a sated appetite. If Taloola Cafe gives you a feeling… “good all over” is what we aim that feeling to be.