We believe in love and care through healthy food and, at Taloola Café, real food is the criteria. We steer away from preserved and processed foods with an emphasis on homemade. Our grocery list takes you on a visit to a variety of select grocers to meet the standards of our rigorous menu. Sitting in a comfortable chair is paramount to relaxing easily in an environment where you can feel that creativity is what you’re all about.

Sometimes you just don’t want to leave. Creative food and creative space fill your senses and allow you to feel good about the day. We endeavour to make all Taloola Café’s accents equally important: warm lighting, ambient sound, along with helpful and friendly staff to meet your needs.We have many menu items which avoid preservatives and processed methods as well as produce chosen by the owner’s hand and discerning eye. We’re constantly researching innovative preparations to make you tasty sandwiches, a warm and yummy bowl of vegetable-based soup, greens mixed with excitement otherwise known as a salad, and rich hearty stews to fill your need for comfort and a sated appetite.

And, of course, a café needs to boast a great cup of coffee or loose leaf tea. Our coffees and teas are harvested without the use of agro-chemicals (i.e., they are organic). If Taloola Café has a feeling, “good all over” is what we aim for that feeling to be.